Persevering with Brain Cancer LLC

What if, one day, your life was perfect – everything you had dreamed it could be – and before you know it, it’s turned upside down? Jeff and Kris had been married for three years and were planning on starting their family. Then she had a seizure at work. Neither one knew what a seizure was, or a mass on the brain, or a lesion. After surgery and radiation, Kris was given a clean bill of health. Then the unthinkable happened. An unrelenting headache and a massive seizure revealed the tumor returned with a vengeance, larger and more invasive. At the age of 36, Kris was given four months to live. Four months! So, what do they do now? In Jeff’s own words, he tells the story of their journey to make Kris well. He shares their struggles and triumphs, their challenges and aspirations, in their search for hope and health.
"This book and this family are so amazing! I felt I was in Jeff's life, dealing with Kris's cancer first hand. I felt amazing strength and courage in both Jeff and Kris. This book gives me hope and faith in integrated medicine and natural health. It's never easy to go against anyone's advice, especially your doctor in which you have your life in their hands. But Jeff and Kris did and it was successful! You have encouraged me to find better, alternative ways to a healthier me. Thank you for sharing your story! You have already made a difference!" - Jennifer J., 10/11
"I started your book at 10:00 last night and had I not started so late, I would have finished it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down! It was so well done and I knew she was sick of course but obviously didn't know the details and it was such an interesting story to read. Being an ortho/neuro nurse at Mercy also made me that much more interested. I had to put the book down last night at about 12:30 because I knew I would be a complete zombie in the morning if I didn't force myself to go to bed. The next day I finished it in just a couple more hours. I don't usually cry at books but this one got to me. As I was reading it I was thinking about what an amazing love story it was- you told her when you married her you would be with her through sickness and health and that's exactly what you did. So many people would have given up early in the game and I commend you for all that you did for her. I will be sure to encourage others to read your story- I'm sure many of my coworkers would enjoy it as well. Thank you for sharing your story with others and congrats on a job well done! - Jenna E., 11/11
"This is an amazing story of love and how traditional medicine is not always the answer. You feel as if you get to know the couple personally and go through their journey with them. Working for a Nature's Pathways magazine, it is inspiring to read how western medicine is not always the answer. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing your readers to hear about other options that are available." - Kim B., 10/11
"Written in Jeff's own words, this is the most beautiful story of love and devotion I have ever read. After Kris's prognosis of only 4-8 months, Jeff called in the big guns to do something -- anything -- to avoid chemotherapy and more surgery and to hopefully cure Kris of her brain cancer. Their journey reveals the reality of making life-death decisions to go against medical advice and follow their spirit's guidance. Another awesome factor about this book is that it has many photos of Jeff and Kris so you not only get a clear description of who they are in text but you can also see them." - Carolyn D., 9/11